Among the Heavens achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 20 unknown)

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Rising star

Complete first level with an 3 stars.


Seat 4 customers onto the matching color seats in a single party.

Penny earned

Gain a total of 4000 points.


Gain a total of 1500 points in tips.

Treasure chest

Gain a total of 10000 points.

Running man

Run a total of 1000 steps serving customers.

Summer party

Serve a total of 100 drinks.

Chain reaction

Make a combo of 5 actions.

Be my guest

Serve a total of 80 customer parties.

Take a seat

Seat 160 customers at the tables.

Hard work pays off

Receive tips a total of 100 times.

Be my special guest

Serve a total of 20 VIP customer parties.

Busy hours

Serve a total of 10 take-away orders.

Please follow me to VIP

Seat 60 VIP customers at the tables.

No rainbow today

Reach 5x color matching indicator over any seat

Lucky star

Complete 15 levels without losing a customer.

All for one

Receive 5000 points for a single table.

Success story

Complete 25 levels.


Use powerups 20 times.

Practice makes perfect

Complete 25 levels with 3 stars.