Lakeview Cabin Collection achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 40 unknown)

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That's not what it's for!

Throw a friend into the woodchipper

This isn't that kind of a movie!

Push the bed to the limit

The sewers scream at me


Beat Lakeview Cabin III

Happy family

See the family portrait


Get the dog to survive till the end


The Burning

Burn the enemy to crisp.


Beat Lakeview Cabin IV

The Corpse Grinders

Hack up your friends

Here piggy piggy!

Kill the barn inhabitant


Sometimes dead is better...

Get three of your friends to "return"

They're breeding them!

Get to the attic without raising the alarm.

Let's get you out of here!

Save the poor soul

And that's how it's done

Beat Lakeview Cabin III with everyone alive

End C



What does this button do?

Open all the secret doors in one game

It's a windy day

Drop the windvane on an enemy


Get rid of the weird smelly stains

And that's how it's done... Again...

Beat Lakeview Cabin IV with everyone alive


Collect all records

End B


Beat Lakeview cabin VI

Herd the cattle

Save at least 15 crew members

Last will

End A


Movie buff

Beat all four episodes

Treasure of the Vampire Rednecks

Collect 5 bags of gold

Lake of the Dead

Kill 30 zombies in one run


Finish the game with everyone missing a leg

We all wear masks...

Wear all five masks at the same time


Get a score of 50000 in "Space Psychos"

We get it, you're good!

Beat Lakeview Cabin VI with everyone alive and 10 NPCs saved.

Merry Christmas!

Beat the Minisode "Last Christmas"

High Score!

Get a score of 50 in "Super Dad"

All dried up!

Drink all the beer you can find