Detective Hank and the Golden Sneeze achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 17 unknown)

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Once Upon a Time

Listen to the legend of the Golden Sneeze

Can’t separate work and private life

Successfully interrogate Paul

Not even a white lie

Catch Paul in a white lie

Old ‘Friends’ Catching Up.

Successfully interrogate Saphira

Keep Calm and Don’t Explode

Successfully interrogate Tomoe

The Usual Suspect

Arrest Saphira

Caught the Dirty Thief

Get to the good ending of storyline 1

What have you been up to?

Successfully interrogate mr Abrams

And that’s about it, really

Hear the full story of the Golden Sneeze.

He seemed fishy...

Arrest Mr. Abrams

Harsh Business

Arrest Paul

Securing the Streets

Arrest Tomoe

Caught the Messy Thief

Get to the good ending of storyline 2

Caught the Violent Thief

Get to the good ending of storyline 4

Caught the Silent Thief

Get to the good ending of storyline 3

It’s always the nice guys

Arrest Peter

Sleeping on the couch

Arrest Mary