Cast of the Seven Godsends - Redux achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 55 unknown)

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Beast tamer

Kill the level 1 boss.

Punishing Plagues

Get the Purple (plagues) armor

Wind Dominus

Get the White (wind) armor.

Cold Ice

Get the Cyan (ice) armor.


Get the Lightgreen (lightning) armor.

Mother Earth

Get the Browngreen (earth) armor.

Burning Soul

Get the Red (fire) armor.


Use all the five weapons in one game match.

Rock breaker

Kill the level 2 boss.

You shall not pass!

Kill the level 3 mid-boss.

Ice breaker

Kill the level 3 boss.

Dragon killer

Kill the level 4 boss.

Tower crusher

Kill the level 5 boss.

Was that just to get an achievement?

Game Over on firs level.

Defeated Nemesis

Kill the level 6 mid-boss.

First Son

Kill the first level 6 boss.

Second Son

Kill the second level 6 boss.

Don't come back!


Complete the game

Divine Blood

Aztothep's gift

Efaistos's gift

Gaein's gift

Eruel's gift

Erarinn's gift

Thar's gift


Demonic Blood

Complete the game with black armor.

Lightning on Lightning

Complete the game with lightning armor.

Blowing away

Complete the game with wind armor.

Gods Avatar

Complete the game using magic armors for at least 50% of the overall time.

Life seed

Complete the game with earth armor.

7 is the Number


Complete the game without using any continue.

Fire Master

Complete the game with fire armor.

Son of the eighties

Complete the game with Retrogamer setting.


Complete the game with ice armor


Complete the game with plagues armor.

Finder Keeper

Fury of Plagues

Fury of Wind


Make 350.000 or more. score points

Don't Stop

Make 150.000 or more, score point.

Fury of Fire



Fury Electric


Keep Going!

Make 250.000 or more,score points.

1 Day of Gameplay

Demonic Fury

Fury if Earth

Fury Ice

Inner Strenght

Complete the game without never using a magic armors.