Highrise Heroes: Word Challenge achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 36 unknown)

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Intern's First Day

Complete the tutorial

5 Letter Chain

Make a 5 letter word

6 Letter Chain

Make a 6 letter word

Link Up

Link 3 or more survivors in a word


Clear 1000 tiles

Vowel Heavy

Make a 5+ letter word with more vowels than consonants


Make 100 words

7 Letter Chain

Make a 7 letter word


Play for 1 hour


Make a word containing 3 of the same letter

Score Chaser

Get a score of at least 35000

8 Letter Chain

Make an 8 letter word


Make 20 words with at least 6 letters

Fastest Fingers

Complete a level within 30 seconds

Super Link Up

Link 6 survivors in a word


Read a character bio


Get 3 stars on 20 levels

You Pesky Kids

Meet the janitor

Playtime Plus

Play for 4 hours

Super Score Chaser

Get a score of at least 50000

9 Letter Chain

Make a 9 letter word or longer

Beyond the Palindrome

Make a palindrome with 5 or more letters

Super Bookworm

Make 1000 words

Totes Amazeballs!

Meet the nerd


Complete the game

Last Second

Complete a level in the last second

Vowel Party

Make a word containing 5 or more vowels

Super Analyst

Read all the character bios

Alphabet Soup

Make words beginning with each letter of the English alphabet


Make a word containing 4 or more of the same letter


Spell a 6 letter fruit using only 3 different letters


Complete the game another way


Spell every number from 1-9 in English


Form the secret 4 digit code in a numbers challenge

Super Stargazer

Get 3 stars on every level

Go Bananas

Collect every banana