Idling to Rule the Gods achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 28 unknown)

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Light Creator

Create your first light after defeating Hyperion.

The best burger

Let your clones defeat one big burger.

First Monument

Build your first monument.

Baal Slayer

Defeat Tyrant Overlord Baal.

Slayer of the Ultimate

Defeat the Planet Eater.

Queen Slayer

Let your clones defeat a monster queen.

Ultimate Baal Challenge complete

Finish your first Ultimate Baal Challenge.

Double Rebirth Challenge complete

Finish your first Double Rebirth Challenge.

Creator of the Universe

Create a universe!


Defeat ITRTG.

Eternal Rebirther

Rebirth 100 times.

Ultimate Universe Challenge complete

Finish your first Ultimate Universe Challenge.

The divinest being

Level up all upgrades of your divinity generator to level 33.

Pet Lover

Let your pets have a total growth of more than 30000.

All Achievements Challenge complete

Finish your first All Achievements Challenge.

Master of TBS

Reach 1000 points in TBS.

Slayer of the creator?

Win a fight vs D. Creator in the special fight.

Ultimate Arty Challenge complete

Finish your first Ultimate Arty Challenge.

Planet Eater Returns! And is defeated!

Defeat the Planet Eater V2.

1k Challenge complete

Finish your first 1k Challenge.


Defeat ITRTG V2.

Ultimate Pet Challenge

Finish your first Ultimate Pet Challenge

God Skip Challenge

Finish your first God Skip Challenge.

Black Hole Challenge completed

Finish your first Black Hole Challenge.

Planet Multi Challenge

Finish your first Planet Multi Challenge

No Divinity Challenge

Finish your first No Divinity Challenge.

No Rebirth Challenge

Finish your first No Rebirth Challenge.

One Punch God

Do at least 100% damage to ITRTGV2 without killing it