Atari Vault achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 24 unknown)

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Play a game from every category in the List View.


Take out an entire Millipede with DDT in the arcade version.

We Can Rebuild

Earn a bonus city in arcade Missile Command after losing all your cities.


Take out the Swirl with your Zorlon Cannon in Yars’ Revenge.


Win a game of Pong against the AI without losing a point to it.

Sharp Shooter

Take out 10 fleas in a row in arcade Centipede, without letting one reach the ground.


Win Level 2 without slaying a single dragon in Adventure.

Hare Razing

Get the top score of 99 in Air-Sea Battle’s Shooting Gallery.

UFO Hunter

Kill 10 UFOs in a single level of arcade Asteroids without dying.

Brick Slayer

Clear a full screen in arcade Super Breakout while playing cavity or double.

Space Jockey

Earn 800 points in Lunar Lander’s COMMAND MISSION.

We Don't Need No Fortification

Win with no wall left in arcade Warlords.

Maze Evader

Get to the top of the local leaderboard in Maze Invaders

Shark Attack

Clear an entire Rack in Pool Shark


Get Extended Play in Fire Truck with two players


Achieve a Commander rating in Star Raiders

Clean Sweep

Shoot at least 15 rocks in a row in Astroblast without letting one get by


Finish Adventure II without dying once

Victory Lap

Get Extended Play in Monte Carlo at Medium setting


Clear the level in Arcade Canyon Bomber

Safety Patrol

Clear the level in Avalanche

Salvage Master

Retrieve at least 6 treasures in Aquaventure

8-Bit Slugger

Beat the computer in Atari Baseball