FaceRig achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 38 unknown)

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First Pick

Change avatar (1st time)

Bronze Picker

Change avatar 25 times

But first, a selfie

Take first screenshot

Silver Chooser

Change avatar 50 times

A man has no face

Spend 60 minutes with no face detected

I've been places

Use 10 backgrounds

Popularity award

Use 10 props

Alter ego

Broadcast for 240 minutes

So kawai

Use Live2D avatars more than 30 times

Graffiti artist on the rise

Create and save an overlay layout

Gold Digger

Change avatar 100 times

Man's best friends

Use all the canidae avatars


Use lipsync for 300 minutes

A Flint Westwood film

Export a performance

Modding is so cool!

Load workshop/custom items 30 times

Simon Says

Use pupeteering


Reset to default 20 times

Woooohooo, spinning is fuun!

360 Rotate an avatar in a background

We make good team!

Use all TF2 avatars

Hello, who is this?

Use voice effects for 120 minutes

Remodeling is my life

Customize 10 backgrounds

I'm so creative

Add 5 props to a single avatar

FaceRig Addict

Run FaceRig 100 times

It's "Gif", not "Jif"

Export a Gif

Cat Lady

Use all the feline avatars

Track THIS!

Load video as input source

I'm a Makeup Artist!

Customize 20 avatars

That's some way to hold your tongue

Hold the avatar's tongue out for 30 minutes

Get your hands up in the air!

Play with the avatar's hands (special actions or through multi-sensor update) for 30 minutes

Scene 2 Act 9 Take 2014, Action!

Record 30 performances

Make an album or die trying

Take 50 screenshots


Share a photo to Facebook

Boohooo, I'm a monster!

Use all scary avatars

Fur, it soothes me

Use all fluffy avatars

Coming to cinemas near you

Export more than 60 minutes worth of movies

Playback is easy

Play performance for 60 minutes

Wow, they still make those?

Use a karaoke audio and text file


Play karaoke for more than 120 minutes