Disgaea 2 PC achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 55 unknown)

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The Overlord's Daughter

Completed Ch. 1 "The Overlord's Daughter"

100 Kills!

Killed 100 enemies!

First Trial

Attended your first trial in the Item World

The Promise

Completed Ch. 5 "The Promise"

Pirate Hunter

Defeated your first pirate in the Item World

First Reincarnation

Performed your first reincarnation

I'm Rich!

Obtained 1,000,000 HL!

1,000 Kills!

Killed 1,000 enemies!

The Two Ninjas

Completed Ch. 10 "The Two Ninjas"

Beginner Grinder

Obtained LV 100!

Dark World Unlocked

Unlocked the Dark World

The Truth

Completed Final Chapter "The Truth"

First Magichange

Performed your first Magichange

Earned a Bonus!

Earned 10,000,000 HL from a single battle

The Evil Rangers

Completed Ch. 1 of Axel's Story "The Evil Rangers"

Intermediate Grinder

Obtained LV 1,000!

Advanced Grinder

Obtained Total LV 5,000

The Dark Hero!

Completed Ch. 4 of Axel's Story "The Dark Hero!"

100,000 Damage!

Dealt 100,000 damage!

Defeated Prism Ranger

Defeated the Extra Boss "Prism Ranger"

Magic Master

Performed your first Peta spell

Proficient Grinder

Obtained Total LV 10,000

Magichange Master

Unleashed Magichange 2

Defeated Mid-Boss

Defeated the Extra Boss "Mid-Boss"

Axel Ending

Career Criminal

Obtained 99 felonies

Defeated Asagi

Defeated the Extra Boss "Asagi"

1,000,000 Damage!

Dealt 1,000,000 damage!

Master Grinder

Obtained LV 9,999!

Defeated Flonne

Defeated the Extra Boss "Flonne"

Etna Ending

Defeated Item God!

Defeated the Extra Boss "Item God"

Spelunker of Ordeals!

Cleared Extra Stages "Cave of Ordeals"

Defeated Kurtis

Defeated the Extra Boss "Kurtis"

Laharl Ending

Defeated Marjoly

Defeated the Extra Boss "Marjoly"

Defeated Priere

Defeated the Extra Boss "Priere"

Defeated Laharl

Defeated the Extra Boss "Laharl"

Reincarnation Master

Reincarnated 10 times

Dark World Status: 20% Complete!

Cleared 20% of the Dark World stages

Welcome to the Land of Carnage!

Entered the Land of Carnage for the first time

Defeated Zetta

Defeated the Extra Boss "Zetta"

Defeated Protype Kurtis

Defeated the Extra Boss "Protype Kurtis"

10,000,000 Damage!

Dealt 10,000,000 damage!


Obtained the Yoshitsuna!

Dark World Status: 50% Complete!

Cleared 50% of the Dark World stages

Defeated Baal

Defeated the Extra Boss "Baal"

Evil Academy Graduate

Cleared Extra Stage "Evil Academy Special Class!"

Dark World Dominator!

Cleared 100% of the Dark World stages

Crime Ending 1

100,000,000 Damage!

Dealt 100,000,000 damage!

Crime Ending 2

Tink Ending

Defeated Pringer X Go

Defeated the Extra Boss "Pringer X Go"

EX Complete!!!

Defeated all EX bosses!