Contraption Maker achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 22 unknown)

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Puzzle Rookie

Solve your first official puzzle.

Puzzle Solver

Solve 50 official puzzles.

Puzzle Expert

Solve 100 official puzzles.

Puzzle Ninja

Solve 150 official puzzles.

Bounce It

Accumulate 10,000 total basketball bounces.


Blow up 500 cumulative tons of explosives.

I Would Walk 500 Miles

Run the hamster for a total of 500 miles.

Scenario Rookie

Solve your first scenario.

But I Would Walk 500 More

Run the hamster for a total of 1,000 miles.

Fun Ruiner

Pop a total of 2,500 balloons.

Share Creativity

Make & publish a contraption with at least 20 parts.


Edit a community contraption from the Workshop.

Zombie Hunter

Kill 15,000 zombies.

Puzzle Superstar

Solve 220 official puzzles.

You Monster

Knock out Tim 5,000 times.

2 Ball Sorter

Complete this scenario.

Tinker Go Home

Complete this scenario without using the Dog Bone, Dog Food, Dog Treat, Dog Whistle, or the Cat.


Complete this scenario.

Share The Love

Make & publish a puzzle with at least 20 parts.

Community Member

Solve 30 community puzzles.

6 Ball Sorter

Complete this scenario.

Packing Up

Complete this scenario using only Ropes, Rope Pulleys, Rope Hooks, Teeter Totters, and Bowling Balls.