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No missable achievements (plus 38 unknown)

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Brawlout Beginner

Complete each task in the basic tutorial

Model Student

Complete each task in the advanced tutorial

Variation on a Theme

Unlock a character variant

Computer Challenger

Win 10 games against an AI

Two for One

KO two enemies at the same time.

Computer Conqueror

Fun With Friends

Play 15 Couch Matches with friends


Beat Mighty Paco Boss in Trials

A Cut Above

Get a KO with the Drifter's Falling Slice

Happy Feet

Earn a KO with the final hit of Sephi'ra forward air

Oh Baby, A Triple

KO three enemies at the same time

Serious Business

Speed Skater

Link 8 Cold Shoulder trails as Olaf Tyson, without hitting the ground

Break These Chains

Break King Apu's chain grab using a Rage Burst

Character Collector

Tongue Tied

Tongue Lash another Paco in the air 10 times in a row

I'll Take That!

Steal an already grabbed opponent from another Paco

I Was Going Easy on You

Complete Easy Arcade Tower without losing a stock


Win an online 1v1 game with less than 10% damage taken.

Fight Fire with Fire

Use Chief Feathers' Firebird to collide with an opponent's Firebird

Is This Tournament?

Deadly Reflection

Reflect the same projectile twice as the Drifter

Glacier Down

Beat Olaf Boss in Trials


Unlock all character colours

WiFi Warrior

Win 100 1v1 online matches

That Was a Fluke

Complete Medium Arcade Tower without losing a stock

I Totally Let You Win That

Complete Hard Arcade Tower without losing a stock


Spreading Your Wings

Earn Level 15 Mastery with 2 Brawlers

Studying Up

Watch 100 Replays on Brawlout TV

Netplay Legend

Shock Specialist

Beat Volt Boss in Trials

On the Grind

Play 75 Ranked Matches

Power Within

Complete the Trials

Counterpick Master



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