BlackShot: Mercenary Warfare FPS achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 32 unknown)

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Fresh out of the Cloner

Login 1 Day

Lover of Conflict

Join a match that is in Playing

Mercenaries First Contracted Kill

Get your first kill

Kill Them All

Complete 1 TDM Match


Get 5 Kills with any Rifle

Survived the First Day

Login 2 Days


Get 5 Kills with any Sniper

In Your Face

Get 10 Headshot Kills with any Weapon

Bullet Showers

Get 5 Kills with any SMG

Cloner Hat Trick

Login 3 Days

Like a Ninja

Get 5 Kills with any Knife

Fun with Flags

Complete 1 TFM Match

Here Comes BOOM!

Complete 1 SD Match

Let’s Have A Blast!

Get 5 Kills with any Grenade

Part of the Pack!

Login 4 Days

Russian Roulette

Get 5 Kills with any Pistol


Login 5 Days

To Infinity & Beyond

Complete 1 SD-I Match

It ain’t about how hard you can hit

Complete Rock 2 (TDM) 5 times

Getting Smart About it

Complete Cerebro (THW) 5 times

Butcher in Training

Get 50 kills in THW mode

Blade Master

Get 100 kills in THW mode

Brain over Brawn

Complete Cerebro (THW) 25 times

Lord of the Knives

Get 150 kills in THW mode

Razor Sharp

Complete Haunted (THW) 5 times

Cutting Edge of Technology

Get 200 kills iin THW mode


Complete Cerebro (THW) 50 times

Flag Captured VI

Capture Successfully 60 flags

Plant IV

Setting 100 bombs in SD Match

Fist full of Money

Get 1000 kills with the Heist Bag

SD Defender IV

Defuse 100 bombs in SD Match

One Man Army

Complete up to 50,000 kills