Animation Throwdown: The Quest for Cards achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 19 unknown)

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Never Lonely

Choose a hero.


Research your first combo.

Pump It Up, Yeah!

Upgrade your first Card.


Win your first PvP match.

The Quest Begins

Complete the first Chapter.

The Quest for Friends

Join a Guild.

The Quest for Power

Create your first Fusion.

Yeah, You Lookin' Good!

Upgrade a card to Level 5.

The Quest Continues

Complete five Chapters.

The Quest for More Power

Create your first double Fusion.

The Quest Keeps Truckin'

Complete ten Chapters.

The Quest Goes On and On

Complete fifteen Chapters.


Research 100 Combos.

Revenge Of The Quest

Complete twenty Chapters.

Still Questing After All These Years

Complete twenty-five Chapters.


Research 150 Combos.

Hyper Throwdown

Reach PvP Rank 5.

Maximum Hyper Throwdown

Reach PvP Rank 10.

Mega-Maximum Hyper Throwdown

Reach PvP Rank 15.