Diadra Empty achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 20 unknown)

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Empty Truth

Unlock True Level

What A Player

Play 50 times

Unlocked Potential

Fully upgrade 2 stats


Beat the game with the same shot type for both normal and Turbo

Kill All Bears

Kill All Bears!

Like a Bolt of Lightning

Defeat 1000 enemies using the wing attack

So Many Options

Fully Upgrade Options

The Need For Speed

Earn Speed Level 16 on a stage

Extra Extra... Shoot them all!

Unlock Extra Level

It so Nice!

Get 5 Nices!

Extra Awesome

Beat Extra level with 4M+ score

To The Very End

Beat the game on your last life having used all of your continues

Level 7 Shooter

Collect 60k Green Coins

Master Defender

Defeat 50 Defenders

Ghostflame Master

Beat the game using Ghostflame and Ghostflame Variant

Strong Will

Beat the game without using any power-ups

DragonScale Master

Beat the game using DragonScale and DragonScale Variant

Flying Blind

Finish any level without radar

Wings of Flight

Beat the game only using Wings

True Fan

Over 1500 minutes of game time