Toki Tori 2+ achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 38 unknown)

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Left for bat

Let the bats kill all creatures in that one cave in the water mountain


Sing all melodies

A pollo 13

Frown jewel

Heroic escape

Escape a collapsing bridge

Second thoughts

Call the map bird but don't let it pick you up


View at least 7 of the island's main attractions from a bird's-eye view

Save Our Souls

Whistle SOS

Now you're thinking with poultry

Get stuck in an infinite warp loop

Deep fried


Bubble bound berry

Make a Berrybug jump up in a bubble

Toad all


Scoop up a jumping Berrybug with a Hermitcrab

Bird paradise

Pole climber

Climb a pole

Bumper kiss

Make two raged porcupines collide with each other


Catch a frog in its own bubble

Chicken Dance

Dance in the disco

You can't make an omelette

Crush at least 10 different types of creatures

Runway lighting

Activate all landing beacons

Gate success!

Activate all gates


Fill all collectible deposits

Say cheese!

Take every picture in the TokiDex

The long lost dream

Lousy T-shirt

Get to the end of the obstacle course

Spirit photographer

Photograph a ghost

Dark room

Find the dark room

Wings of luxury

Collect all the collectibles

You Maniacs! You blew it up!


Find the rose

X-ray enthusiast

Zap at least 6 types of creatures

I hate birds

Get rid of all the birds in the tiny ancient frog level


Transport all ancient frogs without visiting the city

The pyro

The heavy

The scout

The spy

The sniper