Bloody Trapland achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 29 unknown)

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Kitty can fly!

Performed a mid-air jump.

The more the bloody-ier!

Played a game with other players.

So it begins!

Completed world 1 in Adventure mode.

The perfect Springboard!

Performed a springboard jump using another player.

Foul play!

Found a secret level.

After rain comes sunshine!

Completed world 2 in Adventure mode.

For a good cause.

Found a secret level.

A risk worth taking.

Found a secret level.

Icy wasn't it?

Completed world 4 in Adventure mode.

Fast as a cat!

Took first place in a race.

Easy wasn't it?

Completed world 3 in Adventure mode.

First blood!

Won 1 game of deathmatch.

The cake is a Lie!

Free-fell through portals.


Collected a goldstar.

From one Hell to another.

Completed world 5 in Adventure mode.

Show off!

Finished 1st in 5 race levels.

You had one job!

Found a secret level.

Just a bit higher!

Found a secret level.

The forgotten path.

Found a secret level.

Serial killer.

Won 5 games of deathmatch.


Collected 3 goldstars.

Hall of Fame.

Finished the Adventure mode.

Cat Bolt

Finished 1st in 20 race levels.

What secrets?

Find all secret levels.


Collected 10 goldstars.

Stars, Stars, Stars!

Collected 25 goldstars.

Just a few more!

Collect 50 goldstars.

The Collector.

Collected all the goldstars.

Token of Dedication!

Finished Adventure mode and collected all the stars in Race mode.