Dub Dash achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 30 unknown)

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Massive Dance

Complete Massive Dance.


Collect 1 note.


Collect 3 notes.

Beat Buddy

Play 2.500 beats.

Flying High

Complete Flying High.

Trial and Error

Make 100 attempts.

Sound Ward

Complete Sound Ward.

Massive Dance in practice mode

Complete Massive Dance in practice mode.

Flying High in practice mode

Complete Flying High in practice mode.

Beat Breaker

Play 25.000 beats.

Milky Ways

Complete Milky Ways.

Sound Ward in practice mode

Complete Sound Ward in practice mode.

Dub Dash

Complete Dub Dash.

Milky Ways in practice mode

Complete Milky Ways in practice mode.

Little Star

Collect 9 notes.

Midnight Sun

Complete Midnight Sun.

Dub Dash in practice mode

Complete Dub Dash in practice mode.

Midnight Sun in practice mode

Complete Midnight Sun in practice mode.

Anti Headache in practice mode

Complete Anti Headache in practice mode.

Anti Headache

Complete Anti Headache.

Bring it on

Make 1.000 attempts.

Helium in practice mode

Complete Helium in practice mode.


Complete Helium.

Dubstep Rock

Complete Dubstep Rock.

Dubstep Rock in practice mode

Complete Dubstep Rock in practice mode.

Rising Star

Collect 16 notes.

Beat Burner

Play 250.000 beats.

Super Star

Collect 24 notes.

Crash Test Dummy

Make 10.000 attempts.

Hardcore Gamer

Make 50.000 attempts.