Leap of Fate achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 50 unknown)

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Midtown Insanity

Complete level 1.

Dental Work

Complete level 2.

Road to Victory I

Complete 5 missions.


Use a Continue.

Eleventh Sephiroth

Complete level 3.

Catch Me if You Can

Complete level 4.

Road to Victory II

Complete 20 missions.

This is Madness

Complete level 5.

Legendary Findings

Equip a gold glyph.


Defeat 1,000 creatures with special kills.

Pew! Pew! Pew!

In a single combat, generate 60 reflected projectiles by shooting at a reflective-aura protected creature.


Clear every challenge type once.

Fashion Victim

Play with an alternate outfit.

My Precious…

Upgrade the same glyph twice in a single playthrough.

First Son of the Cabal

Finish the game in Normal mode with Aeon.

Simply Perfect

In a single playthrough, take no damage in a 3-skull combat card. Do this 10 times.

Serial Killer

Kill 7,500 creatures.

Not Afraid of the Dark

Finish the game in Normal mode with Mukai.

This is How I Roll

Finish the game in Normal mode with Big Mo.

I Dare You

Accept 30 combat modifiers.

Heavy Hitter

Kill 13 creatures with a single blow.

Clever Plays

Finish the game with at least 7 keys, 7 energy cells and 1,500 mana.


Finish the game in Normal mode with Rasimov.

Gear Up!

In a single playthrough, upgrade 6 skills from each of the three skill trees, and equip a gold glyph.

Road to Victory III

Complete 72 missions.

Cthulhu Stell'bsna N'gha !

Survive the secret Cthulhu card in Hard mode

Mission Impossible

Survive a One-Shot Kill card in which you lost health.

Ancient Warfare

Equip each of the 23 glyphs.


Clear a level with special kills only.

Shadow Warrior

Finish the game in Hard mode with Aeon.

Compulsive Shopper

In a single playthrough, purchase 20 items in shops.

True Spirit Channeler

Playing Mukai, finish the game by entering every card of every level (not counting extra cards or the shortcut card)

Walking with Spirits

Finish the game in Hard mode with Mukai.


Finish the game in Hard mode with Rasimov.

Built to Survive

Have 15 health.

Child of the Shadows

Unlock all of Aeon's permanent upgrades.

Let's Heat Things Up

Finish the game in Hard mode with Big Mo.

Master of my Own Destiny

In a single playthrough, reroll 3 shops, bypass 2 cards, and cast destiny runes once.

True Technomancer

Playing Big Mo, finish the game without overheating once.


Unlock all of Mukai's permanent upgrades.

Perfect Soldier

Unlock all of Big Mo's permanent upgrades.

Loving Mother

In level 4, be within the range of a doll head's swirl of minions for 20 seconds.

Beyond Good and Evil

Unlock all of Rasimov's permanent upgrades.

True Shadow Mage

Playing Aeon, finish the game by using Shadow Bolt to deal the killing blow on each of the guardians.

Seen it All

View every fate in the game.

Isaac Would Be Proud

Finish the game without using any glyph.

Road to Victory IV

Complete 120 missions.

Dance with the Devil

Finish the game without opening a single locked chest or locked card.

Only a Man

Finish the game without purchasing a single skill upgrade.

True Rogue Occultist

Playing Rasimov, activate the Immortal ability 6 times and finish the game with full health.