Devils & Demons achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 28 unknown)

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Survive the attack on the Order Fortress

A Place of no Hope

Complete „A Place of no Hope“

Slayer of Dead

Defeat 100 undead

Conflict Solver

Complete 10 World Events


Kill 150 cultists

Divine Healer

Heal for a total of 10,000 HP with spells


Kill 50 demons

Give everything one's got

Inflict at least 4 different status effects on a single enemy.

Playing with Fire

Complete "When Playing with Fire"

Into the Depths

Complete "The Depths of Karlahan"

Traveling Army

Win 50 Random Encounters

That's my favorite!

Fight with the same hero in 100 skirmishes.


Defeat 75 wolves

A Fistful of Friends

Unlock 8 hero characters


Loot 100,000 Gold

In Time of Need

Save 100 villagers in Worldevents

At cold Death's door

Complete “At cold Death's door”.


Defeat 10 dragons


Win 100 random encounters


Revive a single character 5 times in a battle

Stunning Looks

Stun 100 opponents

Surrounded by corpses

Kill 6 enemies with a single attack

Well Provided

Reach level 30 with a single character


Heal civilians for 10,000 Hp


Reach level 30 with 8 characters

Drinking Problem

Use 1.000 potions

I love the winter!

Complete 50 events or encounters with snow.

I look under every stone

Find 1000 hidden objects.