Concursion achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 24 unknown)

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Stop and Smell the Roses

Collect four Gem Shards in one level run.

Beat Act 1

Avoid some bombs, and send Zeek packing.

Beat Act 2

Charge your super meter, and knock out JS Fierce.

Beat Act 3

Grind some exp by dispatching an RPG trio.


Air-Jump 8 times without ever touching a floor, wall, or engine.

Ooooooh.... Shiny....

Collect one hundred Gem Shards.

Beat Act 4

Aim for the glowing orb and send Lambda back to the lab.

The Secret of the Gems

Discover the secret of the gems.

Beat Act 5

Smash the overly sized giant in Tickleton factory.

Beat Act 6

Reclaim Honey's Bluff for the side of good, and look good doing it.

Om nom nom nom nom nom nom nom...

Collect 2500 Mini-Tors! dots across a single profile.

Haberdashery Hero

Kill a Gub with its helmet still on.

Altruistic Dude

Beat the Game

See the story through to its end, and take your place in history.

The Shiniest Shiny Evar

Collect every Gem Shard there is.

But, I Wanna Live!!

Faster Than an Echidna

Beat the goal times for thirty levels.

Sticky Finger Bandit

Intro To Rescue: 201

Get to Zeek in under 34 seconds, with all shards in hand.

Flawlesss Victory

Beat JS Fierce with full health remaining.

Hacked Handbasket Hacker

In "Hacked in a Handbasket", kill every Dragonling and win without dying.

Administrator Assassinator

Dispatch every boss at under goal time.

Beat the Game on Hardcore

It seemed like someone around would have been better than you. But they're not. And no one's ever gonna get you down.

Faster Than a Hedgehog

Beat the goal times for every timed level.