Legena: Union Tides achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 16 unknown)

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Open For Business

Defeat Gashar in Lonmin Forest

All Doll'd Up

Defeat Dolly in Ira Gol

Man Of God

Defeat Igliv in the Stronghold

The Red Sky

Complete the Game

Dance Night

Complete the 'Danced to Death' quest

A Good Man

Complete the Game with very high team motivation

The Master of Magic

The Cyber Thief

Complete the 'Blinding Light' quest

Full Moon

Complete the 'Wolf in Blood' quest

The Master of Battle

Festival's End

Experience everything in Union Tides

Egg Hunt!

And the Green Lightning

Complete the Game on Insanity Mode

The Once Mad King

Complete the quest 'The Mad King'

Poor Choices

Complete the Game with very low team motivation

Valor Marked

Find every Valor Mark