Halfway achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 27 unknown)

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Linda Carter

Linda Carter joins your team.

What the... ?

Kill Johannsen, or what's left of him.

Hot Shot

Kill an enemy at full health with a single ranged attack.


Loot and empty 10 containers.

Samuel Lankford

Samuel Lankford joins your team.

Double Kill

Kill two enemies in one turn with the same character.

Sidequest Bob

Complete an optional mission.

Mutant Hunter

Kill 20 enemies.

Josh Connor

Josh Connor joins your team.

Master Scavenger

Loot and empty 50 containers.

Attentive Audience

Pest Control

Kill 100 enemies.

Full Bags.

Killing Spree

Kill four or more enemies in one turn with all characters.

Dr. Schaffer

Dr. Schaffer joins your team.

Subject 13

Subject 13 joins your team.

Full House

Have five characters join your team.

Jenna Wallace

Jenna Wallace joins your team.

Gina Nia

Gina Nia joins your team.

Lucky Eight

Have all characters join your team.

Last Man Standing


Recycle loot to gain 1000 energy.

Loot Hoarder

Sidequest Hero

Complete all optional missions in one single play-through (progress resets when starting a new game).

Are we there yet?

Complete the game's main story.

Stop the Invasion

Kill 500 enemies.

The cake is a lie!