Endless Horde achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 19 unknown)

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Endless Horde

See the Game Over screen for the first time

The Beginning

Survive the first wave

Red Paint

Kill 30 zombies in one game

Meat Fest

Kill 100 zombies in one game

Pieces Everywhere!

Buy the Shotgun guard


Kill 1000 zombies in one game


Kill 300 zombies using the explosive barrel

Door Master

Close 100 doors

That was close...

Survive 30 waves in a row

BOOM! Headshot

Buy the Sniper guard

Rest in Pieces

Buy the Gatling gun guard

Cold Blooded

Freeze 200 zombies


All Scientists must survive 10 waves in a row

I am rich!

Reach 3000 supplies in one game

Now Hiring

Place 999 Guards


Buy the Rocket Launcher guard

Cheap guns

Place 500 Handgun guards

Don't Stop Firing!

Place 500 Rifle guards

Engineer under preassure

Repair 30 doors