LogiGun achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 19 unknown)

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Remote Electrical Activator

Got introduced to the ZPR-12

Portable Interactivity

Solved floor 1

Targeted Acquisition Tool

Got introduced to the GRP-9

Block Party

Solved floor 2

Stationary Field Inductor

Got introduced to the PG-4

Two Great Tastes

Solved floor 3

Kinetic Tension Crossbow

Got introduced to the GCB-5

Directional Force Generator

Got introduced to the PB-6


Solved floor 4

The Polarity Express

Solved floor 5

Flash Point

Solved floor 6

Daisy, Daisy, Give Me Your Answer, Boom

Solved floor 7

Flip Flop

Solved floor 8

May Cause Blindness

Solved floor 9

Sixty to Zero

Solved level 10-1

Orbital Decay

Solved level 10-2


Solved level 10-3

The End

Did what you came to do

I'm the Wiz

Solved all levels