E.T. Armies achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 21 unknown)

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Survival of Desert

Survive the Desert and escape with your teammates

Unfortunate Surprise

Destroy the last energy source

Long lasting Gate

Help Ashkan and escape the swarm of enemies

Full power ahead

Destroy the enemy defense around energy square

2 soldiers and a wagon

Work with Ashkan to escape enemies in wagon railway

Lone warrior

Destroy all the flying drones on the broken train

Last man standing

Survive till the HQ sends you a train to reach the Center tower

Victories old commander

Under command of FARHAD clear your path and enter the center tower

Unseen Ambush

Kill all spaceships on roof and make your way to your allies

Last mission

Place bomb on all energy pillars and clear the area

Only for the head

Headshot 200 enemies in the game

The last Escape

Escape the mothership on time before it blowup

Parsis fighter

Finish the game on Easy Level

Parsis warrior

Finish the game on Normal level


Kill 5 enemies with an explosion

Only bullet to kill

Kill all enemies on The roof with Gatling turrets

Pistol GOD

Kill at least half of enemies with pistol!

Absolute nationalism

Only use Parsis weapons to finish the game

Parsis Vanguard

Finish the game on Brutal level

The ultimate Vanguard

Finish the game on Brutal level without dying

Absolute accuracy

NEVER miss a shot and finish the game