Chimpact 1 - Chuck's Adventure achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 59 unknown)

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First Twang

Launch the chimp from a vine.

Extreme Twanging

Launch the chimp at full power and don't hit the landscape

Love at first Twang

Collect something on the first twang in Gem Quest.


Grab a vine and catch the chimp.

Finding your feet

Complete the first level in Gem Quest.

Have a Banana

Collect a single banana

Thanks a Bunch

Collect a full banana string.

Double Bubble

Collect 2 full banana strings in a row

Lift off!

Launch from a plunger toadstool

The Gentle Touch

Launch the chimp at less than half power

String Of Strings

Collect 5 full banana strings in a row.

Top Banana

Collect all the bananas in a level

Peeling Away

Collect 100 Bananas


Launch the chimp at full power and hit something hard.

Jungle Games

Collect all 5 gems in one level in Gem Quest.

Bouncy Bounncy

Bounce from one mushroom onto another.

Seven not Eleven

Collect a full string of 7 bananas.

Perfect Primate

Complete a level perfectly in Gem Quest.

Going for Gold

Earn a medallion in Totem Trial.

A Need For Speed

Beat a Time Trial challenge in Totem Trail.

Stopped the Clocks

Stop a clock on a Jungle Bells challenge.

What a 'Nana

Collect fewer than half the bananas on a level.

Growing on you

Play for two consecutive days.

Bananas in Pyjamas

Leave the chimp sleeping for over one minute.

Good session

Complete 10 levels or challenges in one day

Jungle VIP

Spend your hard-earned bananas on a chimp ability

That was close!

Stop a Jungle Bells challenge with 1 second remaining

Versatile Chimp

Complete ten levels in Gem Quest.

Clumsy Chimp

Launch headlong into a hazard

A whole new World

Unlock World 2.

Nana Grabber

Collect 1,000 bananas.

Top Totem

Earn all five medallions on one level in Totem Trail.

Bang On!

Successfully complete an On Par challenge

Dare to dream

Fall asleep five times in one level.

Hard Core

Complete 20 levels or challenges in one day.

Poppity Pop

Pop 50 pods in Totem Trail Popping challenges.

Ten of the best

Complete 10 Totem Trail challenges.

Bada Bing Bada Boom

Bounce from a mushroom into an exploding pod

Lucky 7

Play every day for a week

Grand Tourer

Complete all levels in Gem Quest.

Ten Times a Chimp

Stop ten clocks in Jungle Bells challenges.

Learning the ropes

Collect one gem on each level in Gem Quest.

True Commitment

Play for ten consecutive days.

King of the Jungle

Collect all the gems in Gem Quest.


Finish an On Par challenge under par.

Bustin' Moves

Buest 20 Nests in Totem Trail Nest Buster challenges.

Can't stop playing.

Play for twenty consecutive days.

All the time in the World

Stop fifty clocks in Jungle Bells challenges

Chasing Shadows

Beat ten ghosts in Chase challenges.

Par For The Course

Complete 10 On Par challenges in Totem Trail.

Donald Chimp

Collect 10,000 bananas

Speed Demon

Complete ten Time Attack challenges

Jungle Hero

Complete a challenge of every type.

Taste Of Success

Complete a Honey Pot challenge in Totem Trail

Medals for all

Earn a medallion on all the levels in Totem Trail.

Shadow Chimp

Best all the ghosts in all the Chase challenges.


Earn all the medallions in Totem Trail.

Ultimate Primate

Complete all levels perfectly in Gem Quest.

The Mother Lode

Collect 100,000 bananas.