Ori and the Blind Forest achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 55 unknown)

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So many secrets

Found your first secret

Choices Choices

Used your first ability point

The Journey Begins

Completed the Prologue

The Ancient Being

Meet the Ancient Being

Marking the way

Restored your first Map Stone

Let's be Friends

Make an unexpected friend

Get back here!

Discovered Gumo

A New Path

Opened 5 shortcuts using the Charge Flame

Flying Fury

Killed 3 enemies without touching the ground

Self Destruction

Caused an enemy to destroy itself

Rotten Inside

Entered the Ginso Tree

Life Saver

Created 50 Soul Links

Run for your Life

Restored the heart of the Ginso Tree

Deadly Detonation

Killed 4 enemies simultaneously using Charge Flame.

Close call

Escaped the rising waters of the Ginso Tree

Halfway There

Restored 50% of all Map Stones

Power Player

Collected 200 Energy Shards

Deadly Dodge

Tricked 5 enemies into killing another enemy

Crushing Blow

Crushed a Ram with a Stomper

Deadly Deflection

Killed 25 enemies using Bash to reflect projectiles

Obtaining Clarity

Cleared the Misty Woods

Flame Master

Killed 500 enemies with Spirit Flame

Solid Ground

Restored the winds of Nibel

Fight to live another day

Escaped Kuro


Double Jumped 5 times consecutively without touching the ground

Top of the World

Obtained the Sunstone

Into the Fire

Entered Mt. Horu


Restored the Element of Warmth


Reunited with Naru

The Journey Ends

Completed the game

Safe and Sound

Saved at every Spirit Portal

Soul Master

Earned all Efficiency Skills in the Ability Tree

Seasoned Explorer

Found 50% of all secrets

Stomp Master

Killed 50 enemies with Stomp

Good Eye

Found the lost corridor in the Misty Woods

World at your feet

Restored all Map Stones

Combat Master

Earned all Combat Skills in the Ability Tree

Utility Master

Earned all Utility Skills in the Ability Tree

Blast Master

Killed 100 enemies with Charge Flame

Juggle Master

Juggled a rock 5 times without it hitting the ground


Earned all Skills in the Ability Tree

Master Guardian

Collected all Health Cells


Collect all Energy Cells

Master of the Forest

Visit 100% of the map

Deadly Dash

Killed 5 enemies with Charge Jump

Bash Master

Bashed off enemies 10 times in a row without touching the ground


Finish the game in under 3 hours

No stone unturned

Found all secrets


Completed the whole game without using an Ability Point


Completed whole game without dying