Crossing Souls achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 32 unknown)

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Summer begins!

Everyone's here

It reeks of death here

A big loss

Street fury

Elliot style

This is a daunting task

Having a closed library is a crime

The Sarduccis will be united again

It's hard to say goodbye

Poltergeist gone!

Make Mr. Freeman stop the construction on the pool.

Evil baby

Watch the Devil's Cradle.

Doc, let's go to 1873!

Stand by me!

The chosen one

Rusty heart

Hunted Chameleon

Find the camouflaged agent, even if it's too late for him.

Tell us another story, Grandma

Go to hell

For the greater good...

Master Splinter

Find Master Splinter.

A popular dude

Gather all the Profiles.

Roy, I'm already inside

That box looks suspicious.

What were you staring at?!

Find all the portraits of the guy who is watching us.

An exemplary student

Solve the test questions.

Unbounded interrogation

Make the mime talk.

Inscriptiana Jones

Read all the inscriptions in the cave.

Last words

Read all the epitaphs.


Gather all the VHSes.

First-rate detective

Gather all the Classified Documents.

Music lover

Gather all the Cassettes.


Gather all the Cartridges.