SUPERHOT achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 27 unknown)

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Access Denied

Encountered a disconnection bug.

No they didn't

Probably accidentaly made two projectiles collide.

We Can See You

Experienced a direct contact with the system.



We Told You To Leave

Demonstrated utter desperation and addiction to the system.

It's a me, Mario!

Squashed, broke and smeared an enemy under your heavy boots.



One of us

Came to a certain realization about yourself.

With a katana

Kill 100 Red Dudes with a katana.

Pointless but cool

Seen a gruesome sight of an exploading head more than 100 times.




Frantically waved your weapon left and right in order to feel like an action movie hero.

Spread the system

Turned into a cog in an advertisment campaign.

So it is possible!

Probably deliberately made a katana and a projectile collide.


Cruelly impaled two cypher beings with a sharp object.



Conserve Ammo

Strategically moved and timed actions to destroy enemies more effectively.

Pumpkin Spiced SUPERHOT

Launch Pumpkin Spiced Challenge between 24.10 & 7.11

Stand REDy

Transformed into a precise killing machine.

Deep Web

Became part of the cult.

Can't get enough

Slaughtered countless enemies just to get a non-existent reward.


Realized that there is no better program than superhot.exe.


Jumped a lot to find hidden terminals.

Full Package

Gained full access to killing simulation rooms.

Get REDy

Transformed into a precise killing machine in Real Time!


Proven your skill in killing Red Dudes in weird ways.