So Many Me achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 30 unknown)

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Yes, I'm ME too!

Acquire the first ME


Use the Gene Splicer to create Jellosaur

Fat Dragon Can Fly

Finish any level while riding a Jellosaur

Real Game Begins

Enter Chrono Castle

My Green Knight

Rescue a girl


Meet Woodword

Fashion Maniac

Have 8 ME in 8 different appearances at the same time

You Let Us Down

Fail your friends


In the Chono Castle, Stomp on enemies' head 10 times, without falling or creating a stone block

Flying Assassin

Have a ninja hanging upside down on a blue fist

Becomes a Millionaire

Confront all possible questions in Chrono Castle X and choose all correct answers


Defeat the rival

Kill a Bird with So Many Stones

Defeat a Duffon

In the Fire

Unlock both gates at Volcano's entrance

One Giant Leap for MEkind

Walk around the moon

Home Run

Score 550 or more in Chrono Castle XIII


Acquire every ME

Save the World

Finish the game

Gone Viral

Score 50 or more in Chrono Castle XV

Bomber ME

Kill 10 Cloud-9 soldiers while both 9th Rifle and Helmet are turned on

Last Stand

Score 80 or more in Chrono Castle XIV


Have 3 different Transmuter Fruits on 3 ME at the same time

Power of the Ancients

Craft 10 artifacts

Spider Sense

Finish Chrono Castle XI with both coin bubbles collected

Cosplay Champion

Acquire 42 costumes

Platformer Veteran

Collect every coin in Chrono Castle

The One

Finish Chrono Castle XII without turning on Etherizer


Reach 100% completion


Turn on every light in Chrono Castle