Marble Duel achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 19 unknown)

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Trial by Fire

Win the first duel


Win a duel before 10 of your turns were up

Competent Strategist

Win a duel before 5 of your turns were up

God of War

Win a duel before 3 of your turns were up

Chain User

Chain of 4 hits

Chain Breaker

Win the Roulette mini-game

Rapid Shooter

Destroy the spheres in a moving string


Receive 3 additional sphere in one turn


Deal over 30 damage points in one turn

Chain Master

Chain of 6 hits

The Lord of pain

Deal over 60 damage points in one turn


Win the Airplane mini-game

Chain Lord

Chain of 8 hits

Crow Slayer

Kill all the crows in the Airplane mini-game


Receive 6 additional spheres in one turn

Hands Clean

Win a duel without using red spheres

Music Lover

Win the Cave mini-game

Candle Extinguisher

Win the Candles mini-game


Receive 12 additional spheres in one turn