The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 27 unknown)

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Why Is My Present a BOY?!

That's Love and Peace, Baby

If You're Gonna Puke, Do It Off Stage

I Get Worse Injuries Than This From Shaving

Slot Happy

Open all orbment slots for each character.

You Can Trade Those for Money, You Know...

Collect 1,000 of each Sepith.

I've Always Loved You


Opt to fish all ten times at Valleria.

Police Patrol

Exterminate all 'Big Monsters' along the roads.

School Spirit

Complete all quests at the school campus.

Preemptive Powerhouse

The Perfect Package

Reverse Harem

Why Do You Have This Many?!

Collect 3,000 of each Sepith.

Brace(r) Yourself For Adventure!

Complete all requests from the Bracer Guild.

In Justice We Trust!

Obtain the maximum amount of Bracer Points and achieve the highest Bracer Rank.

Ladies' Man

That's a Lot of Balls

Collect every Quartz available in the game.

What Happens Next?

Purchase and read all chapters of Carnelia.

Shiny, Shiny!

Defeat one type of Shining Pom for each chapter.

Worldly Reader

Read every issue of the Liberl News.

The True Wonder Chef

Fill the Recipe Book.

S-Craft? What S-Craft?

Armor Connoisseur

Collect every armor available in the game.

Weapon Connoisseur

Collect every weapon available in the game.

Patient Plunderer

Open all non-story-related treasure chests and get every chest phrase.

Pizza Cake

Complete all achievements.