Hero Siege achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 61 unknown)

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Kill 100 Monsters

Kill 100 Monsters

Like a Boy

Slay a miniboss on Normal Difficulty

Kill 400 Monsters

Kill 400 Monsters

Level 10

Gain level 10!

Solve a Puzzle

Solve a Puzzle

Level 20

Gain level 20!

Satanic Item

Obtain Legendary loot!

Kill 1600 Monsters

Kill 1600 Monsters

Level 30

Gain level 30!

Sarcaster's Coffee Club

Join Sarcaster's Coffee Club

Level 40

Gain level 40!

Level 50

Gain level 50!

Ancient Slayer

Slay one of the Ancient Monsters

Collect 100,000 Gold

Collect 100,000 Gold

Kill 6400 Monsters

Kill 6400 Monsters

Level 60

Gain level 60!


Demolish 5000 bushes

Like a Man

Slay a miniboss on Nightmare Difficulty

Level 70

Gain level 70!

Level 80

Gain level 80!

Level 90

Gain level 90!

Four's Party

Play a 4-player Multiplayer game

Like a Sir

Slay a miniboss on Hell

Level 100

Gain level 100!

Hand of Satan

Destroy Satan's both hands in less than 30 seconds!

Kill Gurag the Demigod

Kill Gurag the Demigod

Like a Boss

Slay a miniboss on Inferno

Unlock Demonspawn

Unlock the Demonspawn class by defeating Mevius!

Collect 1,000,000 Gold

Collect 1,000,000 Gold

Kill 25400 Monsters

Kill 25400 Monsters

Complete Normal

Complete Normal Difficulty

Kill Death

Kill Death

Kill Son of Lucifer

Kill Son of Lucifer

Kill Reincarnation of Ramses II

Kill Reincarnation of Ramses II

Candy Land

Complete Hell

Complete Hell Difficulty

Kill 50000 Monsters

Kill 50000 Monsters

Complete Nightmare

Complete Nightmare Difficulty

Kill Gaforashyu

Kill Gaforashyu

Kill Perkele

Kill Perkele

Fellowship of Tarethiel

Complete the game with 4 players

Kill Uber Damien

Kill Uber Damien in Fallen Inoya

Kill Mevius the Rift God

Kill Mevius the Rift God

Complete Destruction

Complete Destruction Difficulty

Clear an Unstable Rift

Clear an Unstable Rift on any difficulty

Complete Agony

Complete Agony Difficulty

Complete Inferno

Complete Inferno Difficulty

Merry Christmas

Complete the Christmas quest chain and unlock the Christmas rewards!

Happy Halloween

Complete the Halloween quest chain and unlock the halloween rewards!

Complete Normal HC

Complete Normal Difficulty on Hardcore

Complete Hell HC

Complete Hell Difficulty on Hardcore

Legend of Tarethiel

Reach level 100 with all Heroes

Complete Nightmare HC

Complete Nightmare Difficulty on Hardcore

Complete Toxic

Complete Toxic Difficulty

Complete Inferno HC

Complete Inferno Difficulty on Hardcore

Complete Agony HC

Complete Agony Difficulty on Hardcore

Complete Destruction HC

Complete Destruction Difficulty on Hardcore

Max Level Item

Upgrade an item to level 10

Complete Toxic HC

Complete Toxic Difficulty on Hardcore

Obtain an Angelic item

Kill Shade of Death