Haunted House: Cryptic Graves achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 18 unknown)

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Those who begin are already halfway

Craft your first item

I got the power!

Use your power for the first time

You can trick the press, but you'll not trick me!

Defeat Adeline

Should jog more

Deplete the stamina from running 10 times

Addicted to chaos

Press the power button 100 times

Shouldn't your house have chicken feet?

Defeat the Witch


Defeat Henrietta

Take your time

Explore the initial room for at least 5 minutes



Easy as pie

Defeat Zachary

Craft Master

Craft 50 items

Child's Play



Read all documents in game

Bloody Hell!

Defeat Jack The Ripper

Creeping Death

Die 50 times by the hands of a Stalker

Can't touch this