Lethis - Path of Progress achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 50 unknown)

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Well, that was educational !

You completed the tutorial missions.

Tabula Rasa

You destroyed 1.000 buildings, all cities together.

It’s home from work we go

You have 7 functioning mines in one city.


You captured 20.000 faes in one game.


You managed cities for ten hours.

Plebeians, plebeians everywhere !

Your unemployment rate went over 50 % (with a population over 2000 inhabitants).

Green fingers

You built each type of farm during one game.

Tree hugger

You completed a mission without cutting down trees or bushes (outside tutorial missions).

Take that, Mother Nature

You cut down 50 trees during a game.

Town Planner

You’ve built 5.000 buildings, all cities together (excluding roads, bridges and roadblocks).

Fish n' Chips

You produced 20.000 units of fish and 20.000 units of potato during one game.

Head in the stars

You completed part one (Chapters I to V)

Enough is enough

You’ve witnessed your very first revolt.

Path of Progress

You built over 10.000 box tiles of road, all cities together.

Winter is coming

No lost sheep

You’ve built 50 road blocks during one game.

There’s something strange in the neighbourhood...

500 houses have been exorcised, all cities together.

All good things come to an end

You completed part two (Chapters VI to X)

Cheers !

You've exported 100.000 units of alcohol (Absinthe or beer), all cities together.

Steam-powered city

You’ve built 25 steam-powered buildings during one game.


You’ve built 50 Automaton factories, all cities together.

Fragile foundations

100 houses withered by time, all cities together.

Summer sky

You’ve finished building the Observatory during summer.

Semper Fidelis

You responded to 20 of the Emperor’s requests, all cities together.

Know your allies

You took time to watch the credits.


You completed part 3 (Chapters XI to XV)

My crown jewel

You took a screencap of the city you’re the most proud of.


You didn’t respond to 20 of the Emperor’s requests, all cities together.

The Silk Road

You've exported a total of 100.000 units of silk, all cities together.

World Exposition

You completed part four (Chapters XVI to XX)

Winter garden

You’ve finished building the Botanical Garden during winter.


You managed cities for fifty hours.

Master Architect

You built the four monuments during a sandbox game.

Is it a bird ? Is it a plane ?

You completed part five (Chapters XXI to XXV)

Springtime science

You’ve finished building the World Exposition during spring.

I’m all ears

Children of the Revolution

You completed the epilogue (Chapter XXVI)

Autumn flight

You’ve finished building the Zeppelin Hangar during autumn.

Oops, I did it again!


You completed the campaign on “easy” difficulty or harder.

Then let them eat cake !

Children of Y2K

You Completed the campaign on “normal” difficulty or harder.

Power to the people

One small step for a man


A monumental year

Rise and fall

I’m a pirate !

Antoine Parmentier.

80.000 potatoes harvested in one harvest, congratulations !

Welcome to the 90’s

You completed the campaign on maximum difficulty.