Tacoma achievement guide & roadmap


A fairly easy and enjoyable game to 100% that won't take too long as long as you're thorough, explore everything (for {{ARdcore}}) and keep an eye on ticking off the others.


Single-player only

Difficulty does NOT affect achievements

7 missable achievements (plus 1 unknown)

Guide 40% complete - please help finish it



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Story, Unmissable,

You'll get this when you finish the game.

From Downtown

Objective, Optional,

Made a 3-point shot in micro-G basketball.

Do this in the hub anytime. If you can't see where the 3-point line is there's a button opposite the biomedical hatch; press it to see the 3-point space.

Employee of the Month

Story, Optional,

Surprisingly easy; you'll receive the messages automatically and you just have to have read them anytime before you finish the game. There are 9 in total - if you only have 8, just carry on to the Dock area to receive the final/9th message.


Objective, Optional,

Restored the Obsolescence Day sign.

Master of Unlocking

All-the-things, Missable,

Escaped Lunar Transfer Station Tacoma having opened every keypad and lock on the Station.

Therefore Art Thou

Objective, Missable,


Collectible, Missable,

Escaped Lunar Transfer Station Tacoma having recovered every AR Crew Record and Personal AR Desktop item.

Explore everything as you go through the game - this is not as arduous as it sounds.


Objective, Optional,


Objective, Missable,


Objective, Missable,


All-the-things, Missable,

Found the AR cat in every recovered Crew Record on the Station.

Make a basket with Tina’s skull

Objective, Missable,