CastleMiner Z achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 31 unknown)

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Self Defense

Kill one enemy

First Contact

Travel 50 blocks from start


Craft one item

Leaving Home

Travel 200 blocks from start

Survived the Night

Survive for 1 day

Deep Digger

Dig 20 blocks below the surface

Short Timer

Play for one hour

Demolition Expert

Craft TNT

Welcome to Hell

Dig 40 blocks below the surface

Alien Encounter

Get close to an alien


Craft 100 items

No Fear

Kill 100 enemies

One Week Later

Survive for 7 days

Desert Crawler

Travel 1000 blocks from start

Veteran MinerZ

Play for 10 hours

MinerZ Potato

Play for 100 hours

Mountain Man

Travel 2300 blocks from start

Alien Technology

Make a kill with a laser weapon

Deep Freeze

Travel 3000 blocks from start

Hell On Earth

Travel 3600 blocks from start

Dragon Slayer

Kill the undead dragon

28 Days Later

Survive for 28 days


Kill an enemy with a grenade

Around the World

Travel 5000 blocks from start

Air Defense

Kill a dragon with a guided missile

Master Craftsman

Craft 1000 items

Zombie Slayer

Kill 1000 enemies

Fire in the Hole!

Kill an enemy with TNT


Survive for 100 days

28 Weeks Later

Survive for 196 days


Survive for 365 days