Hunt: The Unknown Quarry achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 78 unknown)

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Withdraw a card after rolling the die

Rite of Passage

Play a game to completion

Choose your weapon

Exceed your hand limit and drop a card

You'll have to get past me

Make another player pay a movement penalty


Spend an energy to change the result of a die roll


Spend an energy to do an extra action on your turn

Sense Weakness

Use the effect "spend energy or wound" on a player with no energy.

Mocked By Fate

Withdraw a card, then immediately roll the same number again


Spend an energy to block a card used on you


Recover energy by resting


Use a reaction card


Win a game as a hunter

Open Book

Prove someone is not the monster by seeing three different cards from their hand without them acquiring any new cards

The Lure Method

Identify the monster when they use a power against you


See a random card with Spy

A costly bluff

Suffer a wound that you could have blocked with a reaction card

Turnabout is fair play

Use an item and have it used against you in the same game

Thought you were someone else

Prove someone is not a particular monster by inflicting enough wounds to kill them if they were


Steal an item with Grab

You saw nothing!

Withdraw a monstrous attack card (that the target player has not already seen) after rolling the die

Just What I Need

After ruling out at least one monster type, pick up an item that affects all the remaining options (but not all monsters in general)


Use Bite

The Scientific Method

Identify the monster using a detection item


Use Tireless

Stiff Competition

Wound a rival hunter and reveal that they are crippled


Deal a guaranteed would with Brawl (Roll a 6)

Thorough Investigator

Find all 3 monster clues


Use Wasting


Have 4 or more cards played on you in a single turn, and have all of them be withdrawn

The Elimination Method

Identify the monster by proving every other opponent human

Bump in the Night

Win a game as any monster

Nice Guy

Steal an item and give it back

Close Call

Use a reaction card to block a wound that would have killed or crippled you

Down, but not Out

Kill a monster while crippled

Stealing trash

Steal an item and immediately drop it

Single Combat

Kill a monster that no other hunter has wounded


Use Magic

Silent Hunter

Inflict enough wounds to know you've crippled a Hunter, then walk away without making them reveal it


Use Resilience


Spend an energy to ignore two or more movement penalties

The Observation Method

Identify the monster by making them randomly show you a monster card

Close Enough

After finding exactly 2 monster clues, attack with the weapon that damages the 3 remaining options

Too Slow!

Move exactly 3 spaces away from a hunter that you know is crippled

You Will Regret That

After the monster reveals a power to you, attack them with the weapon specialized against that power

Immortality Denied

Slay a Lich

Chink in the Armor

While you are crippled, wound a monster you know has Resilience by rolling three on the die

The Ultimate Method

Identify the monster by killing them

Shattered Clay

Slay a Golem

Through the Heart

Slay a Vampire

Howling Silenced

Slay a Werewolf

Back in the Ground

Slay a Revenant

The Invincible Monster

Win as the monster without receiving wounds

Curses Broken

Slay a warlock

I Know That Trick

Use a reaction card that blocks the exact monster card used on you

Broken Statuary

Slay a Gorgon


Slay a Naga

Final Rest

Slay a Spirit

The Bloody Maw

Win as the monster by crippling every hunter single-handed (without the hunters wounding each other)

Kill Stealer

Deal the last wound to a monster that you did not previously wound

You're not going anywhere

Stack the fourth movement penalty onto another player

Dust to Pixie Dust

Slay a Fairy

Blitz Attack

Inflict 3 wounds during the third round (i.e the first turn you're allowed to attack)

I know it's here somewhere...

Search every room (that contains cards) in a single game


Play 20 games to completion

You're All the Same to Me

Identify the monster with the Shadow Bead and then wound them with the Rifle or Shotgun

Tools of the trade

Acquire every item in the game (aross multiple matches)

The Stranger with the Burning Eyes

Win as the monster without ever revealing either of your powers

The Stress Method

Identify the monster by making them show a card when they only have two

Now Why Would You Have This?

Steal a weapon from the monster and then use it to kill them


Win 10 games as a hunter

Secret Society


Win 30 games

The Beast in the Shadows

Win as the monster when the last hunter is crippled by another hunter


Win 10 games as monsters

Every Trick in the Book

Use every detection item to identify a monster (across multiple matches)

The Whisper in the Dark

Win as the monster without inflicting wounds


Use every item in the game (aross multiple matches)


Use every reaction card in the game (across multiple matches)