Crystal Towers 2 achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 34 unknown)

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Back from the Basement

Complete the tutorial. Have a pat on the head and a biscuit!

A Roof with a View

Teleport to the roof and start putting back those crystals!

Cleaning Up

Take on your first big challenge and defeat the Cleaner!

Cooking with Music

Discovered the castle's Synthesizer

Go All The Way To The Tower

Gain access to the west tower

Jumpman Lives

Get a combination of 20 enemies


Don't question the Metal Gears

Millionaire Monk

Amass one million points

Feed Me

Restore the garden's climbing plant to its former glory

Up to the Balcony

Find the way up to the balcony

Underground Sanctuary

Open the underground sanctuary

Breaking the Silence

Revealed the final boss!

Musical Hero

Head Librarian

Complete your magic library


Find all the recipes for the Synthesizer

Health Nut

Collect all the health upgrades

Master of Magic

Collect all the magic point upgrades

Gem Hoarder

Earn all the gems from level challenges

Power Cooker

Synthesize all possible items


Get awarded medals on every level

Orb Collector

Collect all the Orbs from levels and bosses

Crystal Musician

Get the Music Crystals back!

Key Keeper

Find all the hidden keys throughout the game


Musical Legend

Taken to the Cleaners

After the Cleaner comes out, destroy it in ten seconds!

Musical Prodigy

Somewhere Out in Space

Difficult to Spell

Defeat Mechagamemnon without destroying or being hit by any of its bombs.

Outsmart a Plant

Defeat Fungulator without taking a hit

A Secret Revealed

Diamond Hoarder

Amass a collection of 50 diamonds

No Bullets Fly

Break a save