Explosionade achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 15 unknown)

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Bend Like a Reed

Beat a combat room without taking damage.

Trap Shooter

Shoot 3 grenades out of the air without dying.

Low Clearance

Touch the top of the room with your shield.


Destroy a platform with a Horronym corpse on it.


Destroy the platform a Clinger is on.


Collect 20 pieces of gold in one life.

Behold My Skill!

Kill a Bezerker.

Close Call

Revive yourself to full armor from 1 armor bar.

Gum On My Shoe

Stomp 5 Horronyms without dying.

Take It Easy

Complete Chilled Campaign.

Out of Retirement

Complete Normal Campaign.

Horronym's Egg

Beat the game without dying.

Kick The Habit

Kick 20 Horronyms without dying.


Achieve terminal velocity by shield bouncing.

Love the Pain

Complete Serious Campaign.