Dandy: Or a Brief Glimpse into the Life of the Candy Alchemist achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 16 unknown)

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Wurm Disassembler

Defeat the wurm boss.

Maximum Damage

Shoot at least one bullet that does 3x damage.

To The Brink And Back

Take 15 damage in a single successful run.


Beat the green final boss.

Action, Reaction

Beat the yellow final boss.

Be Gone Ye Angels

Destroy 5 Angel Globs in a single run.


Beat the blue final boss.

Bountiful Health

Get a total of 14 hearts in a single run.

Fast Alchemy

Complete a run in under 20 minutes.

Is this The End?

An Alchemist's Favorite Breakfast

Get the banana, orange, and almond powerups all in one run.

The Complete Alchemy

Collect each type of powerup at least once.

Dodging Master Class

Complete a run after choosing the plum powerup before entering the Owl.

Friends Will Take You Places

Get the egg, spicy ball, and cherry powerups all in one run.

We Don't Need No Stinking Powerups

Complete a run after choosing the poison berries before entering the Owl.


Complete a run without taking any damage.