One Piece: Unlimited World Red - Deluxe Edition achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 56 unknown)

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Good Timing

Perform an action correctly.


Complete a strong voice sequence.

Prologue Complete

Episode 1 Complete

You Heard Me!!

Episode 2 Complete

Episode 3 Complete

Episode 4 Complete


Episode 5 Complete

Episode 6 Complete

Miracle Comeback

Episode 7 Complete

Episode 8 Complete

Final Episode Complete

Budding Development

Fishing Master


Finish the Battle Coliseum.

Insect-Catching Phenom



Have 100000 Beli in possession.

Rookie No More

Have 5000 pirate points in possession.

High Flyer

Use Gum Gum Rocket 500 times.

Power of Words



Nature Lover


I'll Take You All On!

Build Master

Fruits of Training

Reach level 50 for any character.

Helpful Neighbor

Finish 60 quests.


Eagle Eye for Items

Speed Queen

Finish the "Strongest in the World" quest in 6 minutes or less.


Finish the "Beyond the Strongest" quest in 3 minutes or less.

The Cat Burglar

The King of Snipers

The Master Chef

Declaration of War

Speed King

Finish the "Proud Pirate Crew" quest in 6 minutes or less.

Panacea Maker


Height of Piracy

Latent Ability

Reach level 40 for all characters.


Say hello to townspeople 300 times.

Money Maker

The Shipwright

The Soul King

Made of Rubber

The Sword Master


Complete 10 scratch cards.

Rogues Gallery

Complete the full Character Gallery.

The Archaeologist

Quote Keeper

Complete the full Word Gallery.

I Will Be Pirate King!

Earn all trophies.