Snail Bob 2 achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 27 unknown)

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Meet Bob

Complete chapter "Meet Bob"

Forest Story

Complete Chapter 1 "Forest Story"

Puzzle 1

Collect the puzzle in Chapter 1 "Forest Story"

150 stars... and want more!

Collect 150 stars

Puzzle 2

Collect the puzzle in Chapter 2 "Fantasy Story"

Fantasy Story

Complete Chapter 2 "Fantasy Story"

Friendly Fire

Hit Bob from the Cannon

Island Story

Complete Chapter 3 "Island Story"

Puzzle 3

Collect the puzzle in Chapter 3 "Island Story"

Master of Disaster #1

Bob was gobbled by frog, crocodile, crab, bush lizard, spider and worm

273 Stars... my precious!

Collect 273 stars


Dress Bob in the Cardboard Outfit and hide Bob in the box

Master of Disaster #2

Bob was burned, drowned, caught into a trap, fell into a pit and got in quicksand

Batman & Robin

Dress Bob in The Batman Outfit and help Robin Hood to escape in Level 1-11

Ghost Buster

Make away with 30 Ghosts

Concert of my dream

Dress Bob in the Elvis Outfit and come upon the concert in Level 1-26

Yo ho ho

Dress Bob in the Pirate Outfit and help the Pirate in Level 3-7

Hallowen party

Dress Bob in the Devil Outfit and meet Dracula in Level 2-11

Football Fans

Dress Bob in the Football Ball Outfit and help the Frog in Level 3-20

Ice Cubes Breaker

Break 200 Ice Cubes

Winter Story

Complete Chapter 4 "Winter Story"

Puzzle 4

Collect the puzzle in Chapter 4 "Winter Story"

Hockey Star

Make 10 hockey shots

I need a new chest for 363 stars

Collect 363 stars

New Ace Age

Bob is frozen 5 times

Double Santa

Help Santa in Level 4-25 while Bob is in Santa outfit

Fast and Nimble

Complete Level 4-22 faster than 16 seconds