Floor Kids achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 31 unknown)

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The Crowd is Lit

Hit all crowd requests in a dance routine

Down for the Crowns

Earn 5 crowns in a dance routine.

Mash Master Flash

Ace the rhythm section and fast tap in both choruses

Noogie Went Boogie

Unlock all of Noogie's move cards

Scribbles Got Wiggles

Unlock all of Scribbles' move cards

The Studio Master

Earn 5 crowns on all tracks on The Studio

Hiyo Ono Pop the Photo

Unlock all of Hiyo Ono's move cards

O-Live and the Party has Arrived

Unlock all of O-Live's move cards

Bring the Ruckus

Unlock all of Ruckus's move cards

Saboya Dance Floor Destroya

Unlock all of Saboya's move cards

Bizzy in a Hizzy

Unlock all of Bizzy's move cards

Fly Recognize Fly

Perform a hop, reversal and pose in one dance routine

Raquette Get Ya Move Set

Unlock all of Raquette's move cards

The Corner Bustler

Earn 5 crowns on all tracks on The Corner

The Whole Crew Fresh & Brand New

Recruit a full crew

The Funkly Fantastic

Get a 100% perfect rhythm score in one dance routine

Flow So Untouchable

Perform all 4 of any characters combos in one dance routine

The Strombo Strobe Combo

Perform a strobe while hitting a combo

Keepin It 100,000

Earn over 100,000 points on a dance routine.

The Metro Maestro

Earn 5 crowns on all tracks on The Metro.

The Grocery Grandmaster

Earn 5 crowns on all tracks on The Grocery.

The Art Space Ace

Earn 5 crowns on all tracks on The Art Space.

The Arcade Architect

Earn 5 crowns on all tracks on The Arcade.

The Poser

Do 100 holds and poses in one dance routine

The Venue Headliner

Earn 5 crowns on all tracks on The Venue.

Top of the Skyscraper

Make it to the rooftop (Earn 5 crowns on all Peace Summit tracks and unlock the epilogue)

The Peace Summit Hero

Earn 5 crowns on all tracks on The Peace Summit.

Fresh Flavor Forever

Hit a 10 on Flavor (Perform all 16 moves plus fly moves on any character in one dance routine)

All Hops City

Perform 50 Hops in one dance routine

Mega Strobe Master

Perform a strobe for 4 bars without falling

You Went Platinum

Unlock all achievements