Super Chibi Knight achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 72 unknown)

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Scrollin' on da River

Read the library scrolls

Jelly Much?

Defeat the two giant slimes

Stings and Stones

Defeat the Red Wasps

Spice is Life

Defeat the Desert Sand Worm


Harness your Hadou with fireball power

Convalescent Conversationalist

Talk to the old man

Roy Orb-ison

Return the 3 orbs to the well

Crabby Patty

Defeat the Ultra-Crab

Son Savior

Return the missing boy to his parents

Spinny Wrists

Learn to twirl your sword

Ork-estrated Attacker

Defeat the Yellow Ork


Defeat the Blue Wombat

New Ground

Beef Basher

Mini Michaelangelo

Carve a sculpture for the Pirate

Medicine Mixer

Wake up Jorge the Drunk

Phoenix Phreedom

Free the One-eyed Phoenixes from their cages

Glow Sticker

Deliver the required glow flies to restore light

My Stash!


Return to Oukoku after specializing

Egg Scrambler

Return the Phoenix Eggs to the beastmaster doorway

On Eagles' Wings

Choose to go to the Yajuu Mountains

Adventure Island

Choose to go to Mahou Island

Portal Pulverizer

Open the dark portal to the Kazangan volcano

Muncher Plague Eliminator

Sacrifice 3 XP Munchers on the Forest Altar

Indiana Jones

Bridge Beater

Make it across the Red Bridge


The Bee's Knees

Defeat the fly Baxter Knees

Boom Shakalaka!

Shoot a basket with the basketball

Shovel Sharpshooter

Free il Cavaliere-di-Pala

The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway

Get frozen

Upward Thrust

Learn to attack upward


Defeat Ivan Dragon

Hebi Havoc

Free and tame the Hebi beast

Beast Master

Get all 4 beast mounts

Heart Felt

Destroy the Heart

Troll House Cookies

Defeat the Bridge Troll

Sodium Scalper

Defeat the salt guardian

*Glub* *Glub*


From the Ashes

Defeat the Super Phoenixes

Armor Gamer

Don't Play Koi

Catch a Koi fish

Beta Keratin

Grow and grab a carrot

Flea Flicker

Defeat the Flame Flea

Witchy Woman

Defeat the Panda Witch

Happy De-feet

Defeat the Ice Pengu boss

Tso Chomper

Defeat General Tso as a Beastmaster

Glitchy Go-getter

Find all of Glitch's brothers


Magic Master

Find all 4 sorcerer spells

Golem in the Gears

Defeat the living statue

Cart Surfer

Soupy Chef

Save the sick girl with soup

Leveled Out

Max out all your stats (armor, special, and attack)

Safe Cracker Jack

Figure out the code to the safe

Mystery Maverick

Restore the 3 Mystery Gems

Temple of Doom

Tso Spellbinder

Defeat General Tso as a Sorcerer


Crypt Creeper




Earn 5,000 xp after being maxed out


Scarlett O'hara

Forest Offender

Is Nothing Sacred?


Find all XP bags and treasure chests

You Have No Life

Beat the game as a sorcerer without getting the "life" spell

No Spinny

Beat the game without getting the sword spin move


Beat the game without losing a life