Mosaic: Game of Gods achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 24 unknown)

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Royal Medal

Place 15 consecutive fragments on the game board without making a mistake

Bronze Cup

Place 100 fragments on the game board

Gold Compass

Complete 5 levels in a row without making a mistake

Silver Cup

Place 500 fragments on the game board

Tree of Life

Complete pack 1

Bronze Horseshoe

Complete 20 levels with 3 stars

Gold Cup

Place 1000 fragments on the game board

Crystal Crane

Complete pack 2

Silver Horseshoe

Complete 40 levels with 3 stars

Silver Lily

Complete pack 3

Chest with Copper Coins

Earn 1000 points in Fever Mode

Platinum Cup

Place 2500 fragments on the game board

Crown of Creation

Complete pack 4

Gold Horseshoe

Complete 80 levels with 3 stars

Magic Lute

Complete pack 5

Pure Heart

Complete pack 6

Malachite Cheetah

Complete 5 levels in Fever Mode

Chest with Silver Coins

Earn 8000 points in Fever Mode

Enchanted Lantern

Play left-handed mode

Goddess Tiara

Complete every level with 3 stars

Book of Wisdom

Use 100 hints

Sapphire Cheetah

Complete 10 levels in Fever Mode

Chest with Gold Coins

Earn 15000 points in Fever Mode

Chaos Crown

Collect every trophy