Forge of Gods (RPG) achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 58 unknown)

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New God

Complete the tutorial

Start of the journey

Clear 10 normal stages

Alter Ego

Evolve warlord to VI grade

Rank Up

Achieve 5 rank

Castle is my house

Unlock the Castle

Young Hero

Clear 1 heroic stage

First Blood

Win 1 battle in PvP

First Contact

Invite 1 friend

We're gonna be rich

Collect 1 million gold

New Champion

Clear 1 champion stage

Tales about Tails

Evolve 25 creatures

Many things to do

Unlock Daily Sector


Power in Numbers

Invite 5 friends



Complete guild raid 1 time



Brothers in Arms

Fight in GvG battle


Win 100 battles in PvP

A true, true friend

Invite 10 friends

Young Emperor

Clear 1 emperor stage

We need more gold

Collect 15 million gold



Clear 150 normal stages

Improving Skills

Evolve warlord to VIII grade

Beyond the God

Clear 1 god stage

A lot of labours

Clear 150 heroic stages


Clear 150 champion stages

Gold Mountain

Collect 50 million gold


Complete guild raid 150 times

Way to the Glory

Clear 150 emperor stages

God of Blood

Win 750 battles in PvP

Powerful Leader

Evolve warlord to IX grade

Better, Faster, Stronger

Evolve 700 creatures

Like Kratos

Clear 150 god stages

Way to the Top

Achieve 100 rank

God of Friendship

Invite 30 friends

Lord of War

Evolve warlord to X grade


Collect 200 million gold

Valuable Guild Member

Complete guild raid 550 times

So many Gods...

Clear 550 god stages

Darwin Award

Evolve 2500 creatures


Clear 550 champion stages

More blood to the God of Blood

Win 3000 battles in PvP


Emperor of the Iron Throne

Clear 550 emperor stages



Clear 1250 god stages

New Horizons

Achieve 200 rank

We can be heroes

Clear 550 heroic stages

Become Powerful

Clear 550 normal stages

Evolution Theory

Evolve 6000 creatures

God Emperor

Clear 1250 emperor stages

Olympic God

Achieve 300 rank

We are the champions

Clear 1250 champion stages

Power Stranger

Clear 1250 normal stages


Clear 1250 heroic stages