Draw a Stickman: EPIC 2 achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 20 unknown)

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This Guy is the Pits

Defeat the Pit Rat

First Heart Crystal

Find your first heart crystal

Color Me Surprised!

Find your first color buddy

First Puzzle Piece

Find your first puzzle piece

Off the Beaten Path

Backtrack to Collect an Item

Sharing is Caring

Share a Drawing with a Friend

Inkvil Vanquished

Defeat the Evil Ink

The End is The Beginning


Save your friend

100 Percent

Collect Every Item in the Game

Epic Cartographer

100% Map Completion in Drawn Below

Inkvil Vanquished?

Defeat the Final Boss in Drawn Below

Definitely Vanquished...right?

You Found All The Things!

Collect 100% of the items in Drawn Below

Mother of Dragons

Defeat King Dragorth in Drawn Below without taking damage

Weed Whacker

Defeat Lil' Busby in Drawn Below without taking damage

Battle Royale

Complete the Lockbox Gauntlet in Drawn Below without taking damage

How Could You Be So Heartless

Finish Drawn Below without collecting heart containers

Hardcore Hero

Finish Drawn Below in hardcore mode

Speed Runner!

Finish Drawn Below in less than 35 minutes