Redshirt achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 20 unknown)

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Add Astra

Add Astra as a Spacebook friend

Win Friends & Influence Aliens

Get a 'like' on a Spacebook status or post

A Resounding Success

Host a Spacebook event for 3 or more people, where everyone turns up.


Have at least 6 different items from the S.H.O.P. in your inventory

Up The Ziggurat...

Get hired for a job at least 3 ranks above your Career Rank, without being properly qualified.

A Station-ary Romance

Maintain a single romantic relationship for 21 days. What commitment!

Starship-Cross'd Lovers

Your romantic partner was killed on an away mission

The Prime Dir-ex-tive

Get back together with a former romantic partner.

Impressive Lobes

Win the game by buying your way off the station.

Careering Through Space

Win the game by getting to the top of the career tree.

A Certain Captainly Reputation

Get into more than 8 different romantic relationships in a single playthrough


Get at least four likes on any Spacebook post you make.

A Doctored Outcome

Win the game with holodoctor intervention setting at highest

Carried Away

Win the game with away missions frequency setting at highest

In Space, No-one Can Hear You Scheme

Win the game through two different routes.

Schmooze Criminal

Win the game by making friends with the right people.

The Cling On Warrior

Win the game by maintaining a romantic relationship with the right person.

A Hive of Scum & Villany

Win the game through the 'bribery' route.

A Fully Armed And Aspirational Battlestation

Achieve 4 aspirations in a single playthrough

Social Networking, But Not as We Know It

Win the game through all 5 different routes.