Dragon's Wake achievement guide & roadmap



No missable achievements (plus 24 unknown)

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Find your mother

Baby's First Minion

Make a friend

Growth Spurt

Grow larger

Ten Second Rule

Eat food off the ground


Eat food while at full health


Retrieve the green dragon egg

Kill It With Fire

Kill 50 enemies with fire

You Are Crunchy And Taste Good With Ketchup

Eat 20 Goblins

Goblin Killer

Defeat the goblin chief

A New Life

Hatch the egg

Swift Strike

Bite a ghost skeleton out of the air

Stronger than Stone

Smash 10 pieces of masonry


Kill an enemy by dropping a stone on them

Laid To Rest

Kill 50 undead enemies

Monster's End

Destroy the black knight

Eating On The Fly

Eat a creature before it hits the ground

Lonely Victory

End the game with no other dragons in your group


Kill a mouse with a direct hit from a fireball


Save a friend

Sacrifice Of Flame

Give up your ability to breathe fire

Dragon Rider

Give the kid a ride


Reach the surface with the green dragon

Maximum Power

Increase all abilities to maximum

Air Born

Stay in the air for 10 seconds